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  1. Finance and Accounting
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Treasury and Treasury Products

The course covers both treasury marketing and treasury operations. It takes a view into the financial markets, financial instruments and different products that are traded in these markets (deal structuring and trading of treasury products).

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Finance and Accounting

This programme simplifies what finance & accounting is all about. It describes basic accounting conventions, accounting policies, accounting operations and financial reporting standards. It also covers issues of costs, depreciation, tax and funds management. It treats finance & accounting as...

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Understanding Banking Business

This course looks at banking as an institution and as a business. It explains how banks make money, covers the main business segment products & services, key regulations, technology interplay and the ecosystem of the financial services and financial institutions.

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Credit & Risk Management

Credit risk management has become a going concern question in the banking industry today. It is one of the major factors for determining long-term survival of any bank. This course covers introduction to credit risk, pillars of credit, lending concepts,...

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